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"Will he ever come back?" I asked Eiji.
"I don't know. Sometimes he sticks to his decisions, sometimes he doesn't."
I was hoping he'd reassure me, but that last sentence only made me miss him more.
"You shouldn't really worry about him. Even I know your feelings for him are quite strong, but you shouldn't push him away, like you had. He may actually believe you hate him."
"I just want him back.

We had been sitting at the edge of the river, are feet just in so the small waves flowed over them. The water had been cold, the sand so soft and the air smelt so nice.
His hands pulled me up, and faced me towards the cave that held all the elves within.

"Like I was saying, Kazu was right to bring you there. I can't be the only one you trust. Just befriend the elves."
He gently pushed me along, him behind me, probably to stop me from running away.
"Fine, I'll do it."
We were now closer to the cave, being here only reminded me of Kazu. I placed my hand on the cave walls and turned my body and entered the cave.
It was dark, the air was cold and smelt so clear.
"I can't see anything." I told Eiji.
"I'll bring some fireflies over here."
I looked back towards the forest, there was a swarm of bugs coming this way. The entered the cave and rested their bodies on the walls.
Shocked to actually see what was in the cave. There were blue crystals everywhere, in the darkest area of the cave, even with the help of the fireflies.
...there was Kazu.
"Kazu? I thought you left?" I asked him.
He was standing against the wall, no one else was in sight. Only us and him.
His head slowly turned towards us, and he slowly walked up to us.
Something was different. I didn't like it.
"Kazu, why did you tell me you were leaving when you didn't?" I asked him again.
Eiji pushed me out of the way, "Aiko, move!"
"What the fuck Eiji!"
I looked at Kazu, he was pulling a knife from behind his back. His glare was towards me.
Kazu wanted to kill me?
Eiji stood in front of me, protecting me from someone I used to trust.
"Aiko, he's being hypnotised."
Kazu lunged forward towards me, with his knife in his hand and showed his teeth towards with a deep snarl. Eiji did whatever he could to protect me. He was getting cut, badly, but he took Kazu down to the ground. Blood was rushing down from his arms, legs and many other places.
He reached for something behind his back, it made a metallic sound as he gripped for it. Pulling it out and placing it against Kazu's head.
He was going to shoot Kazu.
"No! Eiji! Don't."
He turned around facing the gun towards me, "Don't stop me."
Why was he doing this? Kazu had been in such a vulnerable state and Eiji was taking advantage of it.
He moved his gun high up in the air forward of him. There he fired the trigger.
A body fell to the ground, it was the elf. It was Amaterasu.
Kazu had seemed to recover his body muscles, and his own sight, his own control over his body.
"Eiji? What are you doing. Get off me." He pushed Eiji out of the way.
Kazu saw the gun in his hand and glared, "What did you intend on doing? Killing me?"
I pushed through the two of them fighting, "No, Kazu. He was saving you. You were hypnotised, and you were going to kill me."
My arms were tightly wrapped around his body, I dug my face into his chest.
"You didn't really want to leave did you? That was you when you were hypnotised, right?"
He smiled, "If I don't remember me saying that, then of course it was."
Ermahgerd! Damn elves.

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